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Reconciliation in a cup

Jingeri to the students and staff at Trinity College South Australia, serving DHUWA at the Senior School Breakfast bar as part of Reconciliation Week. School captains and drivers of the breakfast bar along with their customer focused peers chose to serve up smiles and Bigshot, the blend for when you’re not mucking around and you …

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DHUWA making a mark

Photo: DHUWA Coffee   Article by MiNDFOOD Thank you to @mindfoodmag for featuring us. Great to have another opportunity to talk about ‘reconciliation in a cup’. Join Director Shawn as he chats to MiNDFOOD mag about fostering connection and celebrating his ancestry through DHUWA. 4 min read

The future of FMCG: 7 Consumer Drivers for 2022 & Beyond report

DHUWA coffee named as a trend setter. In case you missed the The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology – AIFST webinar featuring Grant Davidson presenting The Future of FMCG: 7 Consumer Drivers for 2022 & Beyond report. The Davidson branding report speaks with the consumers’ voice, their lives and the part that FMCG brand …

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Food and Drink Business Trends forecast for 2022

DHUWA setting trends. A major consumer shift, evolution, and interconnectedness are the standout themes in this year’s Top 10 Trends report from Innova Market Insights.  This article first appeared in the January/February print edition of Food & Drink Business. 1. Shared Planet 2. Plant-Based: The Canvas for Innovation 3. Tech to Table 4. Shifting Occasions 5. Voice …

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Food and Drink Business 2021 Rising Star  

We’ve made the grade. Thank you to Kim Berry, Editor of Food & Drink Business team for shining a light on our growing business. We are very proud that DHUWA Coffee has been named a Rising Star of the Food & Drink Industry and sit amongst such good company in 2021. Read the article here

Big News

DHUWA now available nationally. DHUWA coffee will jump from 100 to 950+ Woolworths Supermarkets this month! DHUWA launched in May into Woolworths, Australia’s biggest retailer, selling on what could be argued as the most competitive supermarket shelf. In five short yet massive months we’ve seen our modern Indigenous coffee brand become the choice of morning brews in …

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Food & Drink Business Podcast

Reconciliation in a brew: Join DHUWA Coffee Directors Shawn Andrews and Peter Patisteas from Griffiths Bros. Coffee Roasters as they chat to Kim Berry, Editor of Food & Drink Business mag and podcast. Listen here

Our Artwork

Artwork by Jyi Lawton Bringing DHUWA to Life Artist Jyi Lawton created our beautiful artwork, titled Story of Mundgarra – Rainbow Serpent. A descendent of the Bidjara people in Central Queensland, Jyi was inspired by the vibrant sandstone cliff of Carnarvon Gorge in the central highlands of Queensland. The long, sinuous form throughout the painting represents the rainbow …

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