Reconciliation in a cup

Jingeri to the students and staff at Trinity College South Australia, serving DHUWA at the Senior School Breakfast bar as part of Reconciliation Week.

School captains and drivers of the breakfast bar along with their customer focused peers chose to serve up smiles and Bigshot, the blend for when you’re not mucking around and you just want the big coffee hit. The perfect brew to give the school facility a caffeine buzz.

“The coffee has been a massive hit. We loved enjoying a bigshot in the mornings and gathering around having a yarn. We put a shout out on all our socials so that parents could go to Woolworths and join us for reconciliation in a cup” Dale Giles – Cultural Liaison Leader, Trinity College

The team promoted DHUWA though posters, signage and tasting cards detailing the blends big, strong and full-bodied flavours come from beans sourced from Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Ethiopia, giving tasting notes of vanilla, milk chocolate and nuts.

Order beans for your canteen, staff room or office.

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