In the heart of Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia, where stories whisper on the wind and ancient traditions echo in the land, a new conversation was brewing. It wasn’t a conversation of words alone, but of shared moments, rich aromas, and the comforting warmth of a cup held close. This conversation was Dhuwa.

Born from the legacy of First Nations people and the shared passion of Bunji Enterprises and Aromas Coffee Roasters, Dhuwa isn’t just coffee – it is a bridge. A bridge between cultures, traditions, and a desire for a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

We start with the finest beans, hand-picked from the legendary fields of Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, and beyond. But for Dhuwa, the journey doesn’t end there. Our story is woven with threads of social responsibility. We seek out Indigenous-owned plantations, empowering communities and honoring the heritage of the land. We champion female-led businesses in the coffee industry, because strong women brew strong change.

Reconciliation in Every Cup

Reconciliation simmers in every cup of Dhuwa. The rich aroma, the bold flavors – they become invitations to connect, to share stories, and to build bridges over steaming mugs. We believe that over a cup of Dhuwa, conversations flow more freely, honesty finds its voice, and the path towards a brighter future begins to pave itself

Our Promise

Dhuwa is more than a brand; it’s a promise. A promise to respect the land that sustains us, with closed-loop manufacturing and a commitment to green initiatives. A promise to create a sustainable future for coffee growers and the communities we touch.

Join Us

Whether you’re a home barista brewing your morning magic or a corporate connoisseur seeking a deeper connection, join us on this journey. Let’s raise a cup of Dhuwa, together, and brew a world where conversation connects us, tradition inspires us, and reconciliation becomes a reality, sip by sip


Australia’s Indigenous-owned coffee. Roasted on Wurundjeri Country. 

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