The future of FMCG: 7 Consumer Drivers for 2022 & Beyond report

DHUWA coffee named as a trend setter.

In case you missed the The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology – AIFST webinar featuring Grant Davidson presenting The Future of FMCG: 7 Consumer Drivers for 2022 & Beyond report.

The Davidson branding report speaks with the consumers’ voice, their lives and the part that FMCG brand plays in them.

7 Consumer Drivers for 2022 & Beyond

1. You have to fit into my life – ‘cos it’s stressful enough already
2. I’m not like everyone else – so forget mass marketing
3. I am going to be healthy  help me or lose me
4. You need to keep it simple – ‘cos that’s the essence of healthy food
5. I love a lil’ variety –I want to spend my budget on new tastes and ingredient
6. My impact matters – I can eat and make a better world
7. You have to do better – Share my values and share my life

Shoppers will soon demand that all FMCG brands demonstrate how they are making the world a better place. Make the change to your morning and shop DHUWA at Woolworths Supermarkets.

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